Monday, November 8, 2010

journey to dread...

not as dire as it might sound!

the lovely Rose has asked for some pictures* of the ongoing event that are Savannah's dreadlocks...

we're about two months in now....a work-in-progress (the mama's hands and arms ache and the child's sitting-still-ability factor dictates how long our maintenance sessions last). the weaving in of the loose and fly-away hairs seems to be the only maintenance she requires now....most of the 'locks having formed nicely. i chose to do numerous slender 'locks because she has fine hair and is a wee pixie of a child....

last session i wove some ribbon and embroidery floss into a select few -- partly as decorative inspiration, partly to assist the natural locking. there's also a few wooden beads in there somewhere.

i started them by back-combing but now use a combo of that and crocheting to tighten them up. live and learn. no products used, though.  she washes them once a week with Dr.Bronner's shampoo....which works well to help the tightening/tangling.

she is madly in love with her dreads (as am i) -- and is officially the coolest kid in our neighbourhood (my slightly biased opinion), although her Auntie A was also most admiring of them at the party yesterday....

roll on spring and it's my turn...

*she is a most elusive creature and so i must apologize for the quality of these photos as they were taken guerilla-style as she played at the park. she has promised to let me snap some better photos after our next maintenance session.


  1. ~i l♥ve it...our oldest {son} has always had long hair...when he was younger he had the most beautiful curls and then well i gave him his first trim when he was almost three and the went bye bye...still ong hair he has and i have always wanted to dread his hair...just can't convince him of such...such a beautiful spirited one you have! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. OMGoodness! Ok. Mel, we have to meet!
    SMH (shaking my head) I am amazed at how similar we are!

    I am very close to locking my own hair...been keeping up my husbands head for almost 10 years. I'm thinking once we complete this move I'll celebrate with starting mine...we'll see how the Spirit is moving! lol

    I like the use of colored thread! How cool!


  3. LESLIE!!! *squeals*

    oh, if only I'd known -- i would've asked your opinion before i

    OH - do it, do it!!! This is SO cool...we're awesome!

    thanks, faerwillow ((hugs)). i do agree, she is a most beautifully spirited soul...

  4. Oh wow.... They are looking soooo lovely and she can't just be the coolest kid on the street - it has to be the whole neighbourhood! Love the decorations too! I look forward to more piccies as well!

  5. well, besides being a beautiful and cool kid, i'd have to say you are a cool mama! i love reading about your thoughtful, loving and empowering way of parenting ... so inspiring to me. i just read about the pony incident and my gosh, the challenges of knowing when we need to be brave with/for our little ones and when to honor boundaries! i don't think i would have fared as well as you ... i used to love riding horses as a kid and my daughter loves them (only ridden a couple of times with her dad) but now my fear of her being thrown and hurt is totally irrational (never mind my fear for myself ... by old bones break easier, right?)

    sighs ... i wish we were neighbors and then you could coach me on riding AND on dreads as i've always wished i could do it with my hair. call me a closet Anne Lamott :)

    xo Lis


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