Sunday, November 7, 2010

happy 40th....

...Mom and Dad!!

photo cake -- they look so young....
we managed to pull off a surprise party yesterday....a combination 40th wedding anniversary (today) and my dad's 60th birthday (later this month)....

a surprise party is no small feat where my mother is concerned...but we did it! (high fives to me and my siblings)

'twas a grand event....and i'd post more pictures but my camera died after i'd taken the shots of the cake. :)


  1. Aw! Soooo glad you had a good time and I bet they did too!

  2. Oh wow. That's a long time! Great photo, I love the idea of a photo cake!

  3. YAY!!!
    How wonderful to have shared such a long time together! i'm happy for them...and for you! :D


  4. Best wishes to your Mum and Dad! I bet it gave you such a buzz pulling that off! I remember my sister and i doing this for our parents 25th - definitely a high five moment. xxx

  5. lol - thanks all....yes, my Mom has historically been it was definitely a coup to pull it off!


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