Tuesday, January 11, 2011

painting and piercing

it would seem that arting is mostly what we do these days...painting, art journals, sketching...forever we are on the hunt for the next thing to draw/paint/glue/imagine.

and because i'm taking up the 'big painting' wall-space.....she paints on the floor.

and then there was yesterday....we had a consultation with Ty the Piercing Guy (not actually what he calls himself, it rhymes so i felt i had to use it) -- he and his partner have the tattoo and piercing shop  next door to my work....so all of our piercing and tattooing needs are taken care of by them -- such as those needs are. :)

Ty is a funny little man...lots of piercings (naturally), some body-modifications of the pointy-eared variety and a plethora of ink.  he's also Very Serious about what he does.  his standards of cleanliness would leave most hospitals wanting.  we're talking aseptic. (and i happen to know about these things). i covet his autoclave. so of course i would trust my baby girls' ear lobes to him without a second thought.

BUT...she had to go through a bit of an 'interview' first. he's not in the habit of piercing minors. but since we're neighbours and all....

naturally (because we've been talking about it since she decided she wanted it done, way back in November), she passed muster. dazzling him, even, with her understanding of the process and the responsibilities therein ;)

she's quite pleased with herself and is diligent about the rather stringent cleansing guidelines Ty wrote out for her.

{inspired by Rabbit}

(can you see the hint of a sparkle in her ears?)

it was strange, actually...watching her chat, quite unconcerned she was, by Ty's rather striking appearance - surgical mask and all. thinking "wow...this is my daughter"...it took me back to the first time, way back, 8 years ago when she was born, and the first time i ever said those words -- 'my daughter' - and the weight of what that actually meant settled into my heart and forged itself to my soul.

it's all very surreal sometimes, isn't it?


  1. Your daughter is nine kinds of awesome! And I so want those slippers!

    I paint on the floor too. It's more organic for me to crawl all around the thing - I like to paint upside down - and more comfortable with my wonky back. I can't stand for too long.

    Tell Little Miss S I adore the painting. It's one of the best I have seen in quite a long while.

    (Isn't "little miss S" a song somewhere???)

  2. How d'ya like my new bunny suit? ;)

  3. WOO-HOOOO!!

    "he likes it, he really likes it!" she said.

    we love it...

  4. I love that you are giving her this confidence in herself and her own choices. I am not surprised she aced this and her ears look lovely! Is she just going to be wearing studs for a while or has she expressed some desire for some nice danglies sometime?

    Loving the painting! Such a great perspective!


  5. We love the pink rabbits so much. J is very into pink right now. When I read your blog and see Savannah making her own choices like this it makes my heart sing. Ok , piercing and tattooing may not be our thing, but I love how if it is hers she can express it if she wants to. So unschooled and so right. xx

  6. I am loving the rabbits, as is my daughter, I can see some painting taking place here today! Its fantastic that Savannah has made the choice and you have allowed her to take responsibility for it herself. I hope she gets lots of enjoyment out of her new bling!! I love the description of Ty, sounds like several of our old friends from our goth days, lol! (although I haven't met anyone yet with the pointy ears, sounds fun!)

  7. awesome family indeed! I would happily hang her rabbit slippered feet or horses on my walls! And how brave! I remember being 12 when I got my ears pierced and I almost fainted afterwards!

    And yes, it is surreal to look over and see these People who are "ours" for this brief period of care. My daughter ... I never tire of saying that nor marveling at the miracle of it all. As an adoptive parent, I often wonder what are my unique feelings and what are the feelings of all parents/mothers ... thank you for showing me the emotions are the same regardless of the ways our children come to us. They rock our worlds!

    loving your life BIG TIME ... wish I could have Ty touch up my tattoo!

    xo Lis


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