Friday, January 7, 2011

days fly by

somehow we ended up here...although we always do, don't we? end up where we are, that is.

life in these parts has been a blur of busy -- somehow the days ooze into one another and before we know it, an entire week has passed.

Monday was Savannah's 8th birthday {January 3rd} -- no photos of that...we absorbed the day and i must confess to not feeling camera-ish these days...something about the grey and bleak outside that does nothing to inspire me to take photographs. and there's something to be said for experiencing the day fully, without thought to how it will look afterwards in a blog-post. plus, i'm lazy and keep leaving the camera in places far from where i happen to be in times of inspiration.

so...we girls took ourselves (somewhat foolishly, as the Boxing Week sales were still on) to do some shopping. she had her Xmas gift-cards burning a hole in her pocket....and they were for bookstores and art-supply stores and Wally World (ack! but it meant a new game for her DSi)....which meant i got to hang out with her in bookstores and art-supply stores. suh-weet. there was a book on horses and a new bookmark (horsey, of coursey) and a GIANT Bristol sketchbook for the further pursuit of her latest obsession in large, mural-type drawings.

{the evolution of her horse drawings continues....}

there's also been....

a little science to go with our art

{clearly this happened BEFORE i took down the tree}

{foam robot assemblage}

oh - and more episodes of Merlin. we finished the first season last night -- and would you believe we have to WAIT until at least January 18th for the second season to be released on DVD (according to Amazon)?!?!

we're not sure we can wait until it becomes available on Netflix. we are, without a doubt, ADDICTED.  i am not impressed at all with whomever is in charge of all this licensing and permissions business that makes it impossible for us to view episodes streaming from the U.S. hmph!

so now i'm on the hunt for a decent child-friendly version of the Arthurian legends...i don't want anything Disneyfied nor anything as dry as the old tomes. any suggestions?

oh - and a good do-it-mostly-yourself kids cookbook?


  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your girl! I feel for her, having the day on January 3rd. But it sounds like you had fun.

    Your son has incredible eyelashes.

  2. Hi Mel, so good to see you back, I've been wondering what you have all been up to. You look like you've been very busy! We do just the same, completely forget to take pictures in the moment. We always wish we did, like all my homebirths, not a single picture!! I love the horses, they are just fantastic, and very hard to draw as I well know from making Zoe a horse cake one year and trying to draw a template. We finished watching the third season of Merlin on TV just before Christmas, it was very good! I could send you series 2 if you can't wait. It's been out ages here. (You just can't get enough of his ears really!!) Oh and Happy Birthday Savannah!

  3. I keep meaning to mention it, and (shockingly, I know) keep forgetting - but have you seen "Art Academy" for the DSi? It is the coolest painting/art game thing ever. We just got it for both the twins (well, and one for home too!) and it's super cool. There's all kinds of lesson games using some of the 'greats' and then a do your own thing feature. If you don't know it, check it out. Savannah would love it.

  4. thank you Sarah -- yes, her day does sometimes get swept up in the i try to make it very separate and special -- and spread it out so it lasts longer. ;) and yes, Sebastian's eyelashes are insanely gorgeous!

    liz - LOL...every time there's a good ear shot, i think of you. thanks for the offer...i have the 2nd season in my shopping cart on Amazon...just haven't hit the 'checkout' button yet...;)

    Rabbit -- ALSO just added Art Academy to the very much looks like something she'll enjoy....thanks for the heads-up


  5. If you're looking for a good kid's cookbook, we like Molly Katzen's Honest Pretzels. It's simple and friendly. My 7 yo daughter likes to cook with minimal help if she's in the mood.

  6. Hey Hun

    Can you wish S the most gloriously happy 9th year on this planet from me and Little Dog and F? *hugs*

    I love her pictures and I love that she has been obviously inspired by your BIG painting.

    I have nothing insightful to add but you may want to look up T H White's Sword in the Stone - I have a feeling we had this as kids but I can't really remember, but you can get it very cheap second hand on amazon anyway.... It may well be twee....

  7. I so love whirling dervishes! :)
    When there's lots "in here" and lots "out there", too, and it's so wonderful to create in This space and know there is more to explore that is just out of reach.
    Knowing there is time, and inclination.
    So full! :)

    And - I'm completely in love with the horses. Just wonderful.

    And - Madd picked up a Mermaid cookbook the other day at the library, but I haven't checked it out, yet. WIll let you know if it's any good!

  8. Oh wow - I love love love those drawings!!
    It's the perfect age and I miss it so much. Believe me when I say they grow up way too fast!
    Here's wishing you a wonderful new year filled with fabulous family times and happy creative kids!!

  9. Fabulous horses! J and I loved them, but he is a bit nervous of robots still. Where has the year gone already?


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