Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year...

i woke up this morning (almost 8am - GASP!) to the sound of rain on the bedroom window.  it seemed so perfect....the rain washing away what was left of 2010. then, when i got up and took Emma-dog out....i heard birds singing. (a real rarity around these parts in January). those things together confirmed for me that 2011 is going to be a really, really good year. you can, as do i, interpret good howsoever feels right to you.

goodies from the Big Box o' Art Supplies from Grandma L

i didn't get the house cleaned yesterday -- not for lack of effort. i was tidying up around here and there when i got sucked into the marathon of River Monsters on Discovery channel. B had put it on for Savannah while she was arting and before long, all three of us were glued in fascinated horror to the screen. (we shall not speak of the things that some fish do in the Amazon *shudder*) still, we learned a lot.

after that, we went up to my mom's for an early birthday party for Savannah. pizza, cake and ice-cream on the menu -- although we're all fairly food-ed out by now. and a few more just-what-i-always-wanted gifts to make her soul sing.

she has a passion for EXTREMELY LARGE mural-type drawings these days

my hopes for the Jane Austen movie marathon were not to be realized so i browsed the selection on NetFlix (our newest discovery -- we're trying out the free 30 days!) and made my choice...saw everyone else settled and then tucked myself into bed with a weiner dog, two cats and the first season of Merlin cued up {i do believe i have mentioned that i'm an utter dork...i'm also a sucker for all-things-Arthur..besides, Colin Morgan has the cutest dimples...but i digress}.

well, it was only a short time before it was me, a weiner dog, two cats and two snuggly kids.

Sebastian: "What are you watching....oooh! It's a knight!" (climbs in beside me -- "'scuse me cat...")
{a moment or two later}
Savannah: "Hey, what are you guys watching? Oh, can I watch too?" (scootches along disgruntled weiner dog)
{10 minutes pass}
B: "Oh, i wondered where everyone went to....anybody need anything?" (goes back to the History channel after refilling water bottles and bringing cookies)

 i'm happily brainwashing sharing my interests of all-things-Arthur...although Sebastian's fondness for knights and dragons and Savannah's love of all-things-magic, make them easy marks students.

needless to was a moste excellente way to spend New Year's Eve...we happily leave the parties and noise-makers and drunken buffoonery to more willing participants.

AND -- i have some utterly delectable mail-art to share....tomorrow....because i have just been engaged to paint with my favourite painting partners...;)

hope you're spending this day following your bliss...


  1. Sounds like a perfect New Years Eve to me, a whole night of Merlin!! We love Merlin so much, and you are right he is kinda cute, even if his ears are enormous! I love the leaves, I could have done with some of their loveliness back in autumn. They would have made beautiful pictures! I thought I heard the birds singing the other morning through my half asleep haze, only to find it was Zoe's bird clock tweeting the hour! Happy New Year to you all, hope it brings lots of love light and laughter!

  2. rofl - this is true - he has a very clever haircut but sometimes, the camera angle gives him away!

    there are about five big sheets of cut-out leaves and acorns and other's a really great kit.

    happiest of new years to you as well....xo

  3. well, hell.
    this is the second time i've been 'round to comment on the latest posts, but now i'm half asleep so twill have to wait til tomorrow.
    :) See you in the mrning.

  4. sounds like the perfect way to start the new year! i too love all things Morgan/Merlin/Avalon ... I had forgotten about the Merlin series, I think we watched some of it and enjoyed it (isn't that scary? I cannot keep track of things anymore)

    are you doing the instant viewing/streaming on netflix? it is our unguilty pleasure!

    and i love Savannah's mural! i fear showing that image to my girl who is really into taping or stapling papers together for fear she will turn her gaze to my stash of posterboard paper! wouldn't it be lovely to take an art retreat with our kids?

    xo Lis

  5. Merlin is great and so well done....

    I was feeling so tired, I completely failed to see the New Year in....

    May this New Year be beautiful and bright for us and all our friends and family!


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