Friday, December 31, 2010

a word

lots of folk around the Land of Blog are declaring their 'word' for 2011. i've no idea where i first read of this practice, but now it seems a popular alternative to those much-maligned Resolutions (insert ominous music here).

i've never been a fan of New Year celebrations. no idea why. i think partly it was the obligation to go out on New Year's Eve and get stupid. i may have mentioned my hermitish inclinations...those aren't new.

so of course, i never made Resolutions either...they just got lumped in with all the foolishness and i opted out on principle. i also had a fairly good grasp on the fact that i'd likely be setting myself up for failure. which isn't meant to sound as self-defeating as it's just a side-effect of Perfectionism -- "Set lofty goals that will be extraordinarily difficult to achieve, and then self-flagellate mercilessly when the inevitable falling-short occurs." OR "Set lofty goals that will be extraordinarily difficult to achieve and then avoid trying altogether for fear of aforementioned falling-short/failure."

happily, i am now a recovering Perfectionist. it's been almost a year now since my last fit of Perfectionism. it really does get easier. ;)

i skipped doing my 'word' last year....perhaps i had some inner knowledge that 2010 was going to KICK MY ASS so i didn't bother. mind you, i also wasn't really blogging much at the turn of 2009 so that might have had something to do with it. which, is something worth thinking about in and of itself.

so yeah, 2010 has been a corker. personally and familialy (new word) it has been a rollercoaster ride of extremes. some incredible highs and some really awful lows. {note: i don't do retrospectives either}. so i'm really, really hoping that 2011 is going to be a kinder, gentler year. according to what i've read about The Year of the should be a welcome breather from the trials of the Tiger.

i think, even globally, 2010 has been one of huge shifts. and of course there's all that 2012 malarky floating about.....(cue the third apocalypse in my memory)...i'm more inclined to align myself with the school of thought that has it representing a spiritual/cultural shift rather than the planet going supernova...and i think the undercurrents of that are already beginning.

but, i wax philosophical. i also digress. you've all probably scrolled down looking for my damn word...:)

so here it is......


1.To promise or pledge one's self; to enter into an obligation; to become bound; to warrant. [1913 Webster]
2. To embark in a business; to take a part; to employ or involve one's self; to devote attention and effort; to enlist; as, to engage in controversy. [1913 Webster]
3. to occupy attention of....absorb, capture, attract, catch, hold [2004, Oxford]
4. To enter into conflict; to join battle; as, the armies engaged in a general battle. [1913 Webster]
5. (Mach.) To be in gear, as two cogwheels working together. [1913 Webster]

i had thought of a different word first...and now i can't even remember what it was...and then this one popped into my head and i knew it was The One.

i have this tendency to drift in the mind wanders off and staying Present is not a natural tendency for me so this is enough of a challenge and i'm very interested to see where it will take me. i still feel i have a lot of soul-work to do (hence #5) and i have some little seeds of ideas that will cover #2...and of course, #1 is the whole point of adopting a word-mantra for the year.

oh - and i'll share again my mom's superstition about new year's day -- howsoever you spend that day, will set the tone for the whole year -- laundry or housework, no arguments, no be sure to get that all out today and spend tomorrow following your bliss :)

so long, 2010 -- i hereby release you and all your woes to the wild  wind.....

many blessings everyone -- i hope 2011 brings you much love, laughter and Light...


ps. and if the Universe loves me, the Jane Austen movie marathon will be on PBS again tonight as it was last year -- BEST new years' eve EVER {i know, right? i'm a total nerd} :)


  1. ~i am then a nerd right along side you as i have it saved in our netflix...hehehe...what i l♥ve the mostest {seeing that you can make up your own words...than i shall use a word i love na dthink should be a word : ) } is your attitude...your humor and witty personality...the way you view life and all that goes along with it!!! engage...creative little word you have come up with...i too tend to wander aimlessly about and forget to engage in some very important this year comes to an end...i wish for you a road ahead that fills your spirit with only love and great joy...wonder and curiosity to explore life and all the possibilities of what could be...bring them to life and let them be!!! it will only get better...and i have to say i think your mum may have much truth in her bit of wisdom you shared...i am taking this little phrase with me this day and will try very hard to make tomorrow only a day of PURE BLISS cause last year...well i did not start off on the best foot...thank you so for your friendship and love my dear...i am forever thankful we have come to know one another...cheers to the new year ahead...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  2. Looking forward to engaging (gently) with you in 2011 Mel. Lots of "blissings" to you and your family. xxx

  3. good word.
    i was just thinking about mine....haven't quite accepted any of the ones floating around my head. we'll see. i may wait until Spring, as in the past few years i've been moving with the seasons. perhaps that's why new year's day (calendar-wise) doesn't feel 'new' to me (being in Winter and all). who knows.

    ok. i SO believe in that superstition. that's funny! so yes, i always do something that i want to be doing MOST of the year! we'll see how tomorrow turns out for me.

    much love you to. have missed you much this month. i'm excited to see how you engage in 2011.


  4. What a fantastic word. I think it's something I may borrow as well. I didn't engage nearly enough in the last year. I just allowed the chips to fall where they may and ended up with splinters from walking about on all the eggshells.

    Engage, indeed.

  5. ooo ... very good word! I too have been resistant to resolutions in the past, but my word for 2010 really helped keep me in the moment, focused and yes - engaged! I like to think of it more as an intention for the year.

    looking forward to sharing more with you in 2011! Cowgirl has some art she needs to send off to Savannah ... we are in a truck and dinosaur stage ...

    xo love


  6. It's a wonderful word, and I like the thought of 2011 being like our new year's day was!

    For some reason, I'd missed this blog of yours. This is the first time I've seen it.

  7. Oh I love this post. I love your word. I am getting ready to engage with you in DEEP It's so exciting.
    Lynna G


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