Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tuesday and wednesday

full days this last while.....knitting, crafting, writing, playing, baking.....

our gift tag making evolved into Chrimbly card making. we don't *do* cards, as such -- but we thought we'd whip up a few for our immediate family members.

Sebastian *reads* me the crocodile story while i'm working in the kitchen....

taking up more or less permanent residence on the table....

makin' lava cakes...(yep, from A Box)

oh, yeah...they were realllllly goooooood!

in happy news - the car is back....complete with a new (to us) starter -- for much less than we'd dreaded imagined. we are soooo thankful for that.

in not-so-happy-but-then-happy-news -- my Nanna was taken to hospital today. i got a call at work from my dad -- she'd been admitted because of severe dehydration. she'd had tummy bug since Monday and wasn't drinking enough fluids to counteract the diarrhea she was experiencing. i'd spoken to my Gramps about that just last night...about how important it was for her to drink.  three bags of IV fluids, blood tests and an x-ray later and she was sent home. phew! so she's on the mend....and we are EXTREMELY thankful for that! it was a very worrying day. any thoughts/prayers/candles/wishes for her continued good health would be very much appreciated. :)

and as such...i'm utterly exhausted....time for a cup of tea and a bit of quiet reading.

remember to hug your loved ones extra tight....


  1. Sending lots of well wishes for your Nanna.It happens so quick when you are not feeling well.Its so good that she is home though and back with her family.Hopefully now she will start feeling a lot better and be back in good spirits by next week.

  2. Lots of healing wishes to your Nana, Mel. Hope she recovers fully. In the main, people dont drink enough water anyway, but in older folk , the thirst sensation diminishes with age, so they need to make the effort to drink.
    You have been very industrious by the way. That cake looks so delicious I might have to make something chocolatey right now! xx

  3. Your poor Nan, what a trauma, having the tummy bug in the first place and then having to go up to hospital feeling so frail. I hope shes well on the way to full recovery. Lovely cards and delicious looking cake, oh why does chocolate taste so good!
    Sending lots of healing wishes, Liz

  4. So thankful you were spared in the car repair business....I do believe in holiday miracles!

    And, also thankful that Nana is on the mend... Nana's are just the best!!

  5. So glad she is on the mend and sending healing thoughts (even if they might be a little late). The cake looks incredibly yummy. and so do the cards!


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