Monday, December 6, 2010

december 5 (a retrospective)

from the Countdown to Chrimbly...

make home-made gift tags!

and so we did. recycling the vast collection of old holiday cards that i've been hoarding saving for a wonderful purpose...

the during:

the end-result:

'twas most satisfying.....

in other news...i'm knitting 'til my eyes cross and my hands seize into knots. our noble steed decided it just wanted a day-and-a-half rest and decided to start yesterday afternoon right after B had called CAA to arrange a tow.  perhaps it just wanted to trundle to the mechanic on it's own speed....

now it's fingers and toes crossed for Nothing Major and Fairly Inexpensive...which of course is laughable because trips to the mechanic are both Major and Expensive by default.


  1. ~oh they look wonderful!!! i can't believe i had never thought of this before until the other really is a nifty way to re~use such cards!!! uuggghhh...mechanics...shiver...i wish you well!!! to bad i couldn't ship my husband over to you to work some magic!!! much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  2. Gift tags! Brilliant. Just brilliant.
    And they're beeeautyful.

    I'm crossing my fingers for "small". For us, too, :), but You first.

  3. Ah that looks like sooo much fun! *hugs*

  4. That is such an awesome, awesome idea. A great way to recycle. You guys are really artistic!

  5. Your tags look so great - well worth the time. I usually forget about gift tags, and have to resort to those white freezer labels. i do use a silver pen to write them with though ;) xx

  6. how lovely, and so meaningful for the receiver's of your gifts and the planet!

  7. Great idea, Mel :) That is definitely something we will be doing from now on!

    Also, I checked your collection to see if we've received any of the same cards, haha!

    I actually worked as an Office Manager for an auto repair shop right out of high school...and you are right, even when it wasn't expensive, it surely always was nonetheless...

    Fingers crossed that they will be filled with the holiday spirit and spare you...

  8. I like your tags.

    I know I saved last years cards but I can't find them any where.

    I'm trying to knit a rabbit toy for my middle boy, and as I am a knitter of limited skills (ie: none) this is proving challenging. It's sad to admit that I can't even manage one 10 inch square of stocking stitch, I keep forgetting whether I am knitting or purling!


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