Sunday, December 12, 2010

sunday musings

(something to listen to you while you visit)

a strange week...not entirely wonderful, not entirely horrific either.  (my Nanna is getting better...gaining strength daily...many thanks for your assorted kindnesses)

so it's been a week of reflection, of counted blessings and deeper thought on what this time of year really means for us.  it's also been a week of arguing and fighting and tears and temper and cuddles and proclamations of love.

handmade history hanging on our beautiful tree

yep. we've about covered it all.

Bashy's Solstice gift...a mini-version of B's scarf from last year

some of it i'll blame on (my)hormones...some of it i'll blame on the stresses that come with this season (and they do come, no matter how hard we try to maintain that state of inner peace and Presence)....some of it i'll blame on me not keeping all of the important stuff in perspective....and helping my Shinies do the same.

but let us not dwell on that which we cannot change. instead, we're moving forward, with new perspectives and new delights.

a gift from distant Devon....handmade JOY!

it's a rainy Sunday morning. i got up extra early so that i could hit the 24-hour Wal-Mart to finish up a few odds and ends of shopping...stocking stuffers for extended family and whatnot.  (may i just mention how much i loathe that place?). i stopped in to get the newspaper and coffee for my Beloved B....just so he wouldn't have to go out in the drizzle when he woke up (that's just how much i *heart* him) and i'm sitting here with the tree lights twinkling in the early grey light, sipping my coffee and sinking deep into the peace.

the fruits of Savannah's and Auntie B's baking labours -- choccie-dipped cherry mice!

i know, right? :)

i wish i could articulate the swirling of thoughts and emotion in my head and heart. i wish i could share how blessed i feel to have a warm house and food on our table -- i know we don't have a lot, but we surely have enough.

it's been a difficult year -- financially and emotionally -- but i feel happier in all things than i remember ever feeling.  perhaps it's the whittling down....the simplifying....the realizing of what truly matters.

life is good. really good.


  1. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    this is one of my most loved quotes and i think you summed up how good our lives really are by saying

    "i know we don't have a lot, but we surely have enough."

    i wish for you a smooth road that lies ahead...calmess to come and joy to forever fill your heart and mind...

    and oh my goodness...chocolate dipped cherry mice...I WANT SOME!!! almost too too sweet to eat...much l♥ve light and holiday blessings upon you and well my dear sweet friend~

  2. Those mice look so sweet! and I love those decorations..... It is a mad and busy time of the year, but my natural inclination is to hibernate, sometimes I find it hard to get going....

  3. Ah! We've been listening to our Nat and Dean Christmas cd today when putting up the trees - the only way to do it really. James saw your cherry mice and now he wants to make them - so do I though - they look delish..
    Glad your nana is doing well.
    I loved your post - hold on to that feeling. xxxx

  4. I'm just so thankful that different perspectives can happen in a few seconds.
    phew! :)

    Here's wishing mucho love and more loves to you and yours, Mel.

    SOmehow I missed the post the other day about Steed back from the vet and your Nanna. I'm hoping she is fully recovered, now.

  5. Hello!

    Sorry to hear about your Nana, and your steed. I missed that post too, not sure how...

    On happy note - you were first out of the draw! So you have a parcel waiting to wing across the pond to your good selves, so email me your address and it will be with you very shortly x

  6. Hormones are an unwelcome addition to the festive run up!! I have my cofee in hand and have asked the children for half an hours time out! We have been in a very similar place so I am sending you some lots of empathy! Your tree looks lovely as do your mice, Yum! I would love to make some and eat them all, but at this rate i will be wearing a santa suit and saying ho ho ho on christmas day! January will be a very lettuce based month me thinks! Thankyou again for introducing me to Loreena McKennitt, I can feel the stress dissapating. And thanks for your comments on my blog, Its always nice to know I'm in good company!


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