Thursday, December 2, 2010

catching up...

somehow, December arrived when i wasn't looking...the fact that it fell on a Wednesday (the day i work all day) probably had something to do with it's stealthy approach.


contrary to my usual policy of 'nothing remotely Chrimbly-ish until December 1st'- the very fact it fell on a Wednesday meant Savannah's well-argued point won out and we got some of the decorations out on Tuesday...

we also have a policy of preferring handmade decorations to those store-bought -- so the old crafted masterpieces are placed first....if there's any room left, a few other choice pieces get some air-time.

Savannah is the Queen of Decorating....she spontaneously crafts all December long and we are festooned with new brilliance almost daily. she's even decorated around Tyler's bean-bag.

i was also caught napping with our Countdown to Chrimbly....although it didn't really matter because the first order of business was decorating the house. (check)

we usually don't get our tree until much closer to Solstice but Savannah is lobbying hard to get it a little earlier -- i see her  point -- there were hardly any left when we went last year and we ended up with a darling Charlie Brown i met her halfway and we'll go next weekend.

and our pile of craft to-do's is looming ominously large...i think i over-estimated both my skill and speed at knitting....

but other than that -- i'm resolved to a no-stress holiday season...i REFUSE to be sucked into any sort of high drama or consumerist agitation. OH..which reminds me, sort of -- postal JOY the other day when the hand-puppets i ordered for Sebastian from here arrived.....they are FANTASTIC (he's gonna love 'em) -- i strive to give as much in the way of hand-made items...and if i can't make it myself, i'm happy to support those who do.

sorta balances out the over-packaged, plasticky, crap they'll never play with....oh? did i say that out loud?

water flowing around the rocks....

this rambling, barely coherent post brought to you by the mama who's been awake since 2am with the (almost-new)moon-buzzing boy-child....*sigh*

ps. i'm working myself up to telling the tale of one of my all-at-once best and worst parenting moments...


  1. you, too, i see! :D

    our things are still in boxes...which will probably be a good thing this year. i think the kids are trying to convince their dad of the same thing: getting a tree earlier. we'll see.

    what is about this wonderfully extensive lists of knitting projects? i was just looking at my yarn and lists yesterday. lol. i'm with you on the buy it from someone who has had the time to make it. thank goodness for etsy!

    i like your "water flowing around the rocks."

    you are my sista!!! get some rest, dear one!
    looking forward to reading your parenting story.


  2. Ah... the Christmas craft rush! I know it sooo well! I love that Savannah is decorating your house!

  3. Well, I am looking forwad to that story :)
    I think Savannah should have her own Christmas lifestyle show - those decs are wonderful. I love the carol singers.
    I would love to do the whole handmade by me thang, but i will more likely succumb to a panic raid on etsy or folksy, not to mention big bad amazon. xx

  4. Lovely handmade decorations, they are the best!
    I especially like the carol singers! We like to bring in as much natural decoration as possible, so have to leave it till later, or it all drops. I love the dark greens of this time of year. I have to agree on the plastic front, I was never tempted from day one. I have been browsing for hours on folksy and have bought the most gorgeous princess hat for my littlest one!! Thanks for your comments on my blog, they made me laugh so much! If I didn't have a sense of humour, parenting would be intolerable!!

  5. We have a tradition of buying our tree the day after Thanksgiving, putting up all the decorations and then watching our first Christmas movie of the season.

    BTW, the decorations are great! I love everything handmade, too.

  6. thanks everyone!

    the thing that's so cool about those carolers is that she did it all by herself -- she disappeared into the art cave and emerged with those!!

    ah, Jacqui -- big bad Amazon is one of my best friends around this time of


  7. man, i think reading this post has finally made me click in to the fact it's xmas so soon. we're so out of contact with that here (which i like).
    but man, it's only a few weeks till solstice!

    love all that decorating goin on, and handmadedness.

  8. Mon - ah, you're fortunate to avoid the lunacy...but yes, it will be upon us before we know it!!

    *returns glaze-eyed and cramped-handed to pile of knitting*


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