Monday, November 29, 2010

i don't like Mondays.... repose

this about sums up our Monday.

too much of everything on the weekend and trying to do too much more of it this morning led to three very crabby people (B was off dealing with other sorts of crabby people so was thankfully immune) all came to a very grumpy head when we set off for our dog walk...something none of us really fancied doing in the first place.

now we're a tell-it-like-it-is-go-right-ahead-and-express-yourself sort of family. which gets rather interesting when we're all in a grouch.

deep breaths, cups of tea and peanut-butter and honey sandwiches can do wonders to soothe the savage soul.

and just resting.

 it's amazing how one's outlook changes after a couple of hours of not being very busy at all.


  1. i SOOOOOOOO understand this!!! it's a rainy, cold and funky type of day today. we had to run more errands than i like to on one day...especially in this kind of weather. ugh!

    the kids are screaming in the background as i type (aren't you glad you can't hear them! lol)! they've been asked to get ready for bed.

    i have water about to boil to make something warm to drink. will be reading to them and putting them in BED. then getting some rest myself and hoping that tomorrow will NOT be like today!

    xoxoxo to you!!
    glad things have already settled in your world.

  2. Mm. We're a "tell it like it is" kind of family, too.
    Speaking of which... I really should get up (it's 4:45am right now) and get busy tidying up seein's how things aren't and we have to factor in the "practicing impatience" that pms brings. ugh.

    I'll work off some stress if I clean furiously and fast enough-- before the babes wake is certainly best!
    Then yoga later. :)

  3. Cats are very sensible creatures! Glad you were able to rest and come through it.... Rest is exceedingly important!

  4. Your kitty looks just like ours, gorgeous! I would dearly like to be our cat somedays, she sleeps in front of the fire caring not a jot about the surrounding chaos! We are having a bit of a week of it here, full on grumpiness all round! I am hoping next week gets better! Thankyou so much for the link to Loreena McKennitt, I now have just downloaded one of her albums from itunes, beautiful. It will be really nice when the children have gone to bed, to listen to it minus the yelling!!!!!


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