Sunday, November 28, 2010

soundtrack sunday....

the music that has accompanied my walking meditations as of late...the kind the draws the poetry from the depths of the Dreaming....

Lorenna McKennitt - The Old Ways  ~ for the licensing-challenged...;)

our days this last are filled to the delicious brim with -- art and poetry....mail art, ornaments for a Chrimbly* tree in Texas; a mama sifting through her dreams and the wide-eyed wonder of the untarnished as the first snow flies...

what they aren't filled with is photographs because the camera batteries died and i've yet to buy more....

later, perhaps.


*the most delectable term - Chrimbly - unashamedly thieved from the equally delectable Earthenwitch....


  1. Oh my word! I have never heard her before, or of her either but she is amazing! I shut my eyes and listened and I could see people doing a mad serpentine dance around a fire and then the lady was elsewhere, with the inner fires burning - and then she started to sing..... Magical music for sure!

    Ooooooh you have snow! Is Savannah happy? *grin*

  2. *grin* - and Canadian, at that...;)

    her music really is magical....

    yes, we ha(ve)d snow...alas, it has mostly melted and there's rain in the forecast for next week...:( but she made the most of it and went out tobogganing and attempted to build a snowman before it

  3. Hi Mel - somehow I lost track of your blog - thankfully I have rediscovered you! lol
    Love Loerenna's music. Thanks for sharing that song in particular!
    Take care and keep well!

  4. Beautiful! 'Penelope's Song' by Lorenna McKennitt is a really special song for me. :)


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