Saturday, December 4, 2010

december 4

day 4 of our Countdown to Chrimbly....

use up the Blockbuster gift cards from last year -- movies and snacks = movie night!!

alas, our faithful steed - ye olde automobile - having battled courageously on these last weeks with a dodgy distributor cap, decided that it had done it's part and now needs mechanical attention.  (it always packs it in on a weekend) which meant a very cold bike ride to work for me this morning (i'm too cheap to take the bus unless the weather is horrific) and no trip to the movie store.

but we had just borrowed Santa Paws from Nanna so we watched that instead. we made a lovely roast pork dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans and pretended we were snowed in.

i'll refrain from a review -- suffice it to say, Savannah LOVED it and we must be more lenient in our tastes when it comes to holiday fare ;).  it was cute. cheesy, but cute.  ahem. i'm a "It's a Wonderful Life" and (the original) "Miracle on 34th Street" fan, myself -- and of course "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and "The Muppet Family Christmas" are also huge favourites....

how about you? what are your holiday favourites?


  1. We just watched Christmas Vacation the other night. Thankfully, the children think it's hilarious. :)
    A Christmas Story, It's A Wonderful LIfe, Miracle on 34th (original also), A Christmas Carol - old ones, Scrooged, The Grinch -original (though not Trev, it frightens him), Grumpier Old Men... what else? Oh-- The Santa Clause. Love that one, too. :)

    Our Faithful Steed is needing attention, too - we're limiting driving until we have money for the shop. :)
    Fine by me! I love being home-bound.

  2. Oh I'm a sucker for any cheesy Christmassy films, but especially original 34th Street, Wonderful life and, of course, White Christmas. I remember watching a lovely family film, years ago, about a family in 1950s USA -2 boys and Mom and
    Dad and at the end ,they had to go to a Chinese restaurant for their Christmas dinner.sorry, can't remember the name of it, but anyway, it was nice :)

  3. It sounds perfect.... I love roast pork and snuggling up on the sofa with family watching Christmas films - what could be better!

    I am not a huge Christmas film person I guess, but I love It's a Wonderful Life. I think I will appreciate Christmas films more when I have children of my own....

  4. Oh! Can't believe i forgot "A Christmas Story" -- that's the one you're referring to Jacqui -- it's a family tradition to watch that one every year - the kind where quotes from it are tossed around all the time!! Also really enjoy the Santa Clause movies as well.....

    Stephanie - LOL -- that's exactly what we were doing too, and every turn of the key was accompanied by assorted prayers to the Automobile Gods...:) -- and the hope that it's *just* the distributor cap is wishful thinking on our part...a huge mechanics bill is really not in our budget, atm. :P

    Definitely, Rose -- having children is a wonderful excuse to watch cheesy movies!!


  5. The Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf (although this one got me some funny looks in a shop because Mb thinks he is Buddy and likes to act out scenes...we were in a perfume department...if you've seen it you'll know what bit I'm referring to.)

    We also like The Polar Express, although my eldest boy is slightly freaked by the ghost - and my personal favourite is Charlie and Lola both "Snow is my favourite and my best" and the Christmas one.

    Our noble steed died last week, never to return (it could only go backwards, I think it thought it was Mater) So we raided the piggy bank and got a new-to-us one. Three weeks before Christmas. Sucks.


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