Monday, November 22, 2010

what happened on Sunday

you know how you just Know when something is a Good Thing?

it's that deep intuitive - YES! *insert fist pump into air* -- or maybe it's more of a calm and breathy moment of exhale-and-immerse in the Rightness of it all.

yesterday was our first foray into a Pony Club event....they have monthly education sessions during the fall and winter months.  the older, more experienced kids will teach the youngers or sometimes an *expert* is called's all very hands-on and full of enthusiastic lust-for-interest-led-learning. which, in and of itself, turns my crank.

but the best thing about light of our current challenges...was the way my sweet, sweet, oh-so-reserved girl was the first to volunteer to try to put on a shipping bandage, how she was all answering-of-questions and wielding-of-hoofpicks, how she was right in there and oh, so HAPPY. (cue misty-eyed mama).

what a different world. such warm, welcoming people -- a barn that looks like a barn -- no pretensions, long-maned, shaggy-coated ponies; farm kitchens, don't-worry-about-your-shoes and please-come-we'll-find-her-something-to-ride.

and so we've arranged with one of the older girls - the lovely Allie - to take Savannah on as a student - where there's a shaggy, spotted pony that is Just Her Size who will help her rebuild the confidence that has been so heartbreakingly shaken.

after much discussion and affirmation that it's okay-if-she-doesn't-want-to, we've established that Savannah is desperately keen to carry on....and we were looking for the best way to help her do just that.

this change feels so very Right.

our girl, it seems, has found her Tribe.


  1. Huzzah! Got mine into introductory horse riding lessons this year and they were hysterical with joy. I dreeeaaam of us getting a proper farm and getting them ponies. Ahhhh.

  2. Yay!!
    Goodliness and more goodliness!

  3. We have some type of horseback riding lessons for homeschoolers near our home during the day. I haven't checked it out yet since the kids are only four, but things like that are great to know about. How many other kids get to ride horses during the day? Cool!

  4. Oh this is so fab! Oh those shaggy, rough around the edges ponies... So clever, they can be so mischevious, so infuriating but they will look after their little riders and teach them everything they need to know. And this sounds much more like horses for fun rather than posh riding people without a hair in the wrong place, pushing onwards without pause.... *hugs*

  5. So glad it has worked out for her - and for you too! xxx

  6. oh, this sounds perfect! i just love the image of shaggy ponies, kittens in the barnyard and happy, relaxed children enjoying the experience of each other and their 4 footed friends. makes me wish i could go there to ride!

    i think my Cowgirl would love to do a mail art exchange with Savannah. that would be soooo cool! my email is: lishofmann(at)novia(dot)net

    and a little hint about my sewing skills: do you notice i NEVER show close-ups or the underside of things ;)

    you know, coming here and reading about your experiences as a mother, just makes my spirit sing :) crooked path, indeed!

    xo lis


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