Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tuesday was...


then cold.

walking meditation in the wild wind...searching for the words that darted just out of reach.

paper and scissors and glue

readying the envelopes for our Countdown to Chrimbly (details to follow)


Jump Start

reading aloud

thoughts of painting....and then painting...

big-ass paper waiting for my latest BIG masterpiece. Sebastian modelling for size perspective

eraser crumbs

toast crumbs

three cups of tea

tacos for dinner

playing with our food

dried-up carrots and motley apples...good for ponies...and food-art (the clementines and peppermints are just visiting)

it was a difficult day.

this side of the full moon leaves me feeling rather drained....it's a time when i want to retreat and not do much. i had a poem that wanted writing and a painting wanting paint but both were an effort and the feeling like i *ought* to be doing either was grating on my nerves.

i may have been a bit snippy.

grace and gratitude. such were the mantras of my day.

it always looks different in hindsight.


  1. yes. i hear you...working with kids...it always seems to get crazy around the moon cycles...no joke...but grace carries us through...

  2. I have no idea what you're talking about with any of those things.


  3. I forget about it, then I am reminded and I think "Ah! That's why!" xx

  4. wow ... i think that day was contagious! you described my yesterday to a T!

    i felt myself thrashing in the net of what i wanted to be doing, but was unable to achieve due to lack of time, lack of focus (yeah, a clean house IS less distracting), lack of energy (hello Moon cycle) and most annoyingly ... lack of inspiration.

    cannot wait to learn more about Chrimbly and loving the food play!

    xo lis

  5. Ah hun.... *hug*

    At times like these, I find long hot baths with bubbles and a good book is the thing that calls me most....


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