Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful thursday many things....

hot coffee on a cold morning
the wild wind
the taste of poetry
"Pony Club Power"
my hot weiner-bottle (aka Oscar, a small but delightfully toasty sausage)
giggles from the boy-child
mail art
the infinite imagination of a small girl
full hearts
full bellies
shelter from the storm
'i'll read to you and then you read to me" 
learning with joy

happy Thanksgiving to my American friends...may you find warmth, joy and laughter in the company of your beloved -- today and every day.

*playing along with the beautiful Leslie


  1. Awww, these are touching. I like your thankful Thursdays.

  2. ~can i be thankful for all these things too??? you soothed my spirit this day and took me to a land where life truly is good...many blessings always be with you and yours~

  3. me too...;) it's good to take a moment amid the madness to remember...

    thank you....and yes, faerwillow, you are welcome to all...


  4. happy thankful thursday to you my dear friend! glad to see you playing along! lovely list. especially like the giggles from the boy-child! :D

    hope your day is everything you need it to be!

  5. I love to read your thanks - i should really remember to play along. Thankful today for a lovely lunch and afternoon spent with husband, younger son, elder daughter and grandson - laughs, good food and a fairly startling spot of Michael jackson inspired dancing by my 2 year old grandson! xx

  6. Hi, Mel!! My friend!

    It has been awhile, no? I am thankful to be home again, and finally settling in for the winter! And, by winter, I mean that it's 79 degrees here in coastal Georgia, haha!

    I followed you with my new profile, as I am so afraid to miss my favorite blogs now that I've moved. I've been going back over comments at JW trying to see if I've missed anyone, ha! (ocd, much?)

    Hope you are well, much love to you!


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