Monday, October 4, 2010

rainy Sunday stroll with Emma

this morning, after gobbling down a bowl of cereal (just for my benefit, i'm quite sure) Savannah jumped on her bike and pedaled like fury (pretty much the usual way she rides her bike) to the mailbox to post her entry into a poetry contest. how cool is that? it was in the autumn issue of chickaDEE magazine....write a scary poem using a minimum of five words from their list for a chance at some Halloween-themed book or other. mostly she just wanted to enter the contest.

her creation goes as follows....

dark fog slithers
through shadow skeletons.
midnight monsters
eat you.

she needed a bit of guidance as to what to do with the list of words she chose and what exactly constitutes a "poem" so i prompted her for a verb here and there but the final arrangement was hers.  she rocks.

retaining wall

today was the first day without rain for quite a stretch.....but the chill of autumn is definitely here.  a brisk wind pinked our cheeks and stung our fingers on our morning dog-walk but still, we stretched it out to the long version having been cooped up for too long.

CAPTURED! -- a snappy dresser, as always, he's not actually facing the television.

it was home to curried pierogies for lunch followed by home-made (from a package :P) cookies for dessert. (an interesting scent-cocktail that!).  afterwards, i fiddled a bit with my manuscript and Savannah retreated to listen to a book on CD. Sebastian is playing math games on the Sesame Street website.

cocooning time is upon us....

....but we're down with that.

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  1. I love the poem! Give her a big hug for me!

    So what is a pierogies?


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