Saturday, October 2, 2010

about a week ago....

we were at our favourite was still nice and warm then (it's cold and rainy now)...and the Zamboni from the attached arena had gifted a large pile of not-quite-melted snow...

which makes lovely Snand-Goblins (that's a snow-sand combination...just FYI)

it's not often you get to run barefoot through the t-shirt...without sustaining frostbite.

me? i wandered aimlessly about taking pictures of skeletal leaves...

this is posted as a retrospect....because i was too lazy to upload them earlier. :)


  1. I had to look up what a Zamboni was! I wonder what barefoot snow feels like? And Snand Goblins? I wonder what personality they have? They don't look quite as amiable and cuddly as snowmen.

    In the south of the UK, the snow is always on the verge of melting and rarely sticks around long. Frostbite is never really an issue. Maybe I should run in the snow next time....

  2. lol! you're right -- i suppose i should make a linky thing...not everyone is well-versed in ice-rink-maintenance equipment!!!

    yes...i was rather thinking the Snand Goblin (and they are terribly rare) are of a rather dubious nature....

    barefoot-snow-running in winter is fun -- but painful in the thawing out of feet


  3. I am smiling both for your honest confession about uploading the pictures (just this morning I was thinking of all the photos I have uploaded but need to print off ... you know ... for that day when all the photo files are corrupted and the only thing left are - GASP - actual pictures?!) and seeing the word zamboni which i haven't heard in years! I was a huge ice hockey fan as a kid.

    Anyway, i love the image of your daughter ... captures the joy of childhood and what a rockin' mom you are to remember nothing is more fun than snow, but especially snow in Autumn.

  4. ~to embrace the joy of being a life as you wish...nothing could be greater...i commend you for doing just so!!

    your skeleton leaves are absolutely ours are just starting to change...wishing you and yours bright blessing and warm wishes this season~


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