Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a tour of the art cave...

this fabulous space was transformed by my genius dad from a sort of non-space -- not really a room, not really an anything -- in between the laundry room and B's office in the basement. Masterminded by my design-on-a-dime mom we added some shelves and a purpose and Hey Presto! -- we have a dedicated art-space. which is great for containing mess and supplies but most of all it gives WORTH to the pursuit of all things Art....

both kids (mostly Savannah) and i spend time in here doing various and assorted things  following a recent and massive decluttering we have moved things around to make more room to work and better use of our shelf space. in the aftermath of this New and Improved space, i felt compelled to add some impromptu signage...

the only Rules of the art cave are -- don't leave your brushes to dry and get crispy and try not to waste paint. but sometimes, you do have extra paint...thusly, you paint on the wall....

deliciously naughty of us, no?


  1. Love it, ohh I wish I had space for a dedicated art cave.

    And the painting on the wall is brilliant.

    So great to have a dad who will hook things up! :D

    Wishing each of you many hours of creativity!!

    (p.s. i'm really digging the Tao of Pooh, who knew? you, i guess?! lol)

  3. ooh - I can see lots of creative naughtiness going on in this cave! And quite a lot of nice things too xx


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