Monday, May 10, 2010

long absences...

A camera-on-strike and a not-very-exciting-winter are to blame....spring has sprung, the camera has decided to work again but beyond that, no promises.  Pure randomness is our new theme.

We've played a vast amount of computer games but been a bit light on the crafting...

Five people competing for the use of two computers has presented something of a challenge...we're working on it.

We're proud members of the Pro-Dandelion Movement (pure fiction, as far as I can tell, but one never knows these days) -- enjoying the brilliant yellow-against-green of the early bloomers and the great fun to be had in the blowing about of wishes...

These were all taken on our latest trip to the park on Picnic we lay on our blanket, feasting on jam sandwiches and blackberries, we felt genuinely sad for all the kids stuck in a classroom on such a gorgeous day.  After a moments' reflection, we went back to our cloud-spotting and burying of bare toes in warm sand.

Life, as they say, is good.


  1. Glad to see that you've been enjoying Spring! We've had some really nice days here (a sudden cold spell just set in). I'm also glad to 'see' you back! :D

  2. ~spring is upon us as well and we have been savoring our days spent outdoors...i feel your words in so many computer to the saddness of little ones being cooped up in a blessed are yours...wishing you only days ahead with mr. sun shining his light upon you all...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Good to see you back. Been missing you!
    We are in our perpetual summer temp wise but with a profusion of color that excedes itself this time of year. And nights cold (75-80F)to require sweats to sleep in seem gone for another year! Happy Randoming and rambling.

  4. Yes! Pure randomness - that's my style.
    Love dandis, I put some on my cake I made and sold at the market (made sure it was an edible flower but they're pretty damn bitter - good liver cleanse I s'pose).


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