Sunday, December 27, 2009

A cast of thousands....

Knowing her love of this particular art form, Savannah's bff, M, gifted her with a sock-puppet making kit.....a much fancier one than her other one....complete with pre-cut embellishments and super-fuzzy socks.

I've forgotten the names of these two.....I shall have to consult the latest playbill.....


  1. I do like the idea of the sock puppet kit - most entertaining.

    I also quite fancy the muffins you made for the birds. :)

    Oh, and any chance you could name/url as a commenting option?

  2. Love the sock puppets! I was collecting odd socks and figured a year was a safe timeline... if they don't have a pair by the end of a year, they are puppets! (oven mitts work great too).

    Unfortunately, I realised after making half a dozen puppets that I had two odd sock boxes...

  3. sock puppets are such a joy to girls and I spent hours making them and playing with them when they were little. (I did the same when I was a child too!...but they are still fun, even as a grown up)


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