Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice, Charlie Brown's tree and magnetic poetry...*

*note: attempting to document our Countdown has been entirely abandoned.  Suffice it to say, we only missed a few things.....I'm voting for the shitey chocolate calendar next year.

The above picture is the peanut butter and birdseed English muffins that we made for our fur and feathered friends....placed reverently out at the base of the maple tree and around the yard.  I won't mention what became of our Solstice lanterns although there are two soup tins full of ice languishing in our freezer....

Anyway...'twas a lovely observance....gifts by candlelight and a lovely roast chicken feast....prezzies unwrapped beneath our fabulous tree...

As a matter of perspective....B is a former jockey (read: short man)...and those are cardboard spacers I improvised to hold the slender trunk in place as the screw thingies were at their maximum.  It may not have been a tall tree, but, as was repeatedly commented, it was a very full tree.

Savannah once again took charge of decorating it.....due to the elfin nature of the tree, there were lots of decorations left in their boxes this year.

One of the coolest gifts ever (if I do say so myself) was the box of Magnetic Poetry for Kids....we are having a grand old time spontaneously composing verse every time we walk through the kitchen. I'm pretty sure this is how Shel Silverstein got famous.  Keep your eye out for the Kitchen Whiteboard Collection....coming soon to a fine bookseller near you......;)


  1. i love the magnetic fridge sentence dealy! my friend had one... it was so fun.

    beautiful Yule pictures!

  2. We had a small tree this year, in a bucket, and decorated with orange slices dried in the oven with a little cinnamon, with some herb bundles, and a hanging nativity.

    It looks gorgeous, even if I says it as shouldn't!


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