Monday, June 30, 2008

Friendship Festival....some Firsts

This was a Festival of Firsts for us.....again, thanks to some ailing camera batteries I missed some of the really cool ones...Sebastian touching a REALLY BIG snake (he didn't much care for it) and both kids playing some bongo drums in accompaniment with two wonderful young people who were sharing their art with the children....but I did manage to capture a couple of the moments...

B and Savannah on the Ferris Wheel....having a paralyzing fear of heights myself, I was more than happy to watch from the ground. We managed to traumatize ourselves horrifically last year with an ill-advised hike to Mount Nemo (imagine narrow trails close to a steep precipice..apparently the view is spectacular -- we didn't see much of them.) so this was a big step for Savannah...and it was all her idea! Needless to say, she was pretty jazzed with herself!!

*gulp*...Mommy clutches backpack nervously as beloved husband and firstborn reach the top of the circle...

Savannah wanted to try cotton candy....and so we bought some! I remember liking it as a kid but found it waaaaaay too sweet for me now....Sebastian didn't like it (too sticky - he hates sticky) and B said his teeth hurt just looking at it but Savannah enjoyed a little nibble and then saved the rest to give to her friends on returning home....

A last gasp from the camera....preparing the campfire in Grandma's beautiful back yard. Why a campfire? To roast marshmallows of course! General consensus was that no-one really likes eating roasted marshamallows but we all LOVE roasting them!!

A Retrospective: These are pics from last year's Festival....the rides were pretty much the same this time and these were favourites yet even if the camera hadn't died, the photos would have been fairly similar!

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