Monday, June 30, 2008

Friendship Festival...the carnival I'm desperately behind in my posts. We seem to be so very busy these days...just LOVING the summer and filling ourselves with such Joy-full adventures that I can't seem to sit down at the computer for any great length of time. It also doesn't help that when I do sit down at the computer, I usually get booted off by the kids...;} And my laptop doesn't support my camera software (insert raspberry to Vista here) so......'s the backlog and I pledge to be more diligent with my entries....believe me, once the winter comes I'll have more posts than we'll know what to do with.

So here's the first batch from our trip to Fort Erie and the Friendship Festival. This was our second time and we stayed overnight with Grandma Leavey which is always an adventure...

B and Savannah at one of the carnival games....between the pair of them, they won a lovely Hello Kitty toy for Savannah...most of the winning involved throwing a ball at a target, the rest had to do with some haggling on B's part with the carnie-in-charge...;}

B's turn to throw....

Savannah tosses the *winning* ball and 'clunks Curious George in the head'!

It was about this time that the batteries started to die on the camera...

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