Saturday, July 5, 2008

Canada Day Fireworks....July 1, 2008

Yet another first for us...bearing in mind we're not really recluses, it's just that it hasn't been part of Sebastian's *flow* to mingle in large crowds until the last year or so....I firmly believe that because we've honoured this about him, he was able to come to enjoy *certain* gatherings without them being a disruption to himSelf....

So here we are....waiting for the fireworks to begin down at Spencer Smith Park with what seemed like the rest of population!! Super cool to see so many folks out celebrating this great nation's birthday!

Munching popcorn while we wait....Sebastian checks the sky in case they try and sneak a few in!

All that grass simply demanded to be run upon....
And what's a SHINY girl to do but...*TWIRL*
Me and my two Shine-rs....
Little did we know that the lovely willow we were sitting behind would be such a wonderful backdrop for the sky-sparkling fireworks....most of the people beside us moved to a clearer spot but we rather enjoyed the effect!! Happy Birthday Canada!!

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