Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Here we have Savannah's Caterpillar Caravan. She harvested a couple from the trees near our house some 3-4 weeks ago or so....this led to a library trip to find out about how to raise caterpillars and exactly what kind we have....their Gypsy Moth's (eek!, I know).

Well....after being fed fresh leaves twice a day for all of this time we watched them grow and shed their skins and grow some more and then lo and behold -- COCOONS!!!! First the smaller one - Sparkles - made her cocoon underneath the lid and then our original - Inchy - chose a spot near the bottom amongst the old leaf litter. So in 7-14 days they should hatch.....fingers crossed!! It's all so very wonderfully exciting....and we now know so MUCH about caterpillars!!

As hard as I tried, I wasn't able to get a good shot of the cocoons themselves...mostly due to the various and assorted art taped to the sides that Savannah placed for the caterpillars seeing as how they couldn't really move around and see new things, she figured some nice scenery would make them feel very happy and cocoon-ish! It worked!!

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