Wednesday, November 17, 2010


a really cool snippet from one of the most interesting voices in education reform that i've heard speak in quite some time. while he always seems to stop short of actual solutions....i find he's quietly affirming that we unschooly/life-learny types might actually be onto something...

go figure.

(sorry for any copyright issues with's the actual YouTube link..if it helps)


  1. Good stuff! He is good, though. Sometimes we need a little bit of reassurance, and I did today. Thank you my dear. xx

  2. Very interesting guy. I'm going to share this on fbook...thanks!

  3. Heard him talk before and I am gripped by it, just what I needed today...thank you x

  4. I love Sir Ken.
    When I saw this a couple of weeks ago, I just had to go watch this speech at Ted, again. :)
    (My brain couldn't concentrate on the words while watching the animation. lol)

  5. you know this guy is brilliant and entertaining which helps him make the point...

  6. lol - Stephanie..i know what you mean! There's a longer speech on creativity i found too...really worth listening to...

    a little reassurance never goes wrong...:)

  7. The one "school kills creativity?" love that one. I fell in love with him then (three years ago???) . :)


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