Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chess for breakfast

i watched for a while but couldn't quite decipher what their rules were...if there were any.

but that's okay. they were thoroughly engrossed, not arguing and i got to drink my coffee in blessed peace.

life is good this Tuesday morning.

what does Love look like for you today?


  1. Love looks slightly stubbly and is wearing a goal keepers shirt for football that is new and slightly too long in the arms....

  2. Love looks like giving of my heart and time to my family.

  3. lovely images....

    too-long arms are most enchanting...;)


  4. This was a nice idea, so i shared some shopping love.
    Hope the rest of your day was as peaceful. xx

  5. location love:

    the lap of the sea
    the chirps of the birds
    the touch of the breeze
    sun poking through clouds
    making shade under ironwood trees

  6. ooooooh, Jude.....i'm lovin' your location love....*bliss*

    and yes, Jacqui, for the most part, it was a very peaceful day...you know, relatively speaking...;)

  7. Love that!
    Including the "what's the rules?" part. :)

  8. Chess pieces hold a special attraction for kids, even before they know "the rules". I used to play Princesses with my Dads set when I was a little person. Good times.


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