Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dirty hippie feet at the park

bare feet in lush, green grass...and sand...you have to expect a bit of dirt.

another impromptu detour to the park -- after picking up a package at the Post Office and the purchase of snacky goodness at the drug store -- SmartFood for Sebastian and Doritos for Savannah -- which naturally taste so much better on an orange blanket under a tree.

Savannah grows weary of the paparazzi...I think she liked it better when the camera wasn't working

and the package? The fruits of our Amazon budget for the month....the audiobook version of the first Harry Potter book and a long-time wishlist resident for me by one of my fave writing gurus, Julia Cameron.

And so I ask myself for the umpteenth time, who wouldn't want to live like this?


  1. oooh - can I join you? (flagrant gate-crasher me). It all looks utterly idyllic Mel, and I do love those little grubby feet, makes me want to run around on the grass barefoot.

    And Amazon goodies! Opening one of those smiley-faced packages is among the greatest delights of the modern world. I have been known to squeal and slam-dance at the sight of one.

  2. ohhho, would love to see a close up of savannah!
    we are all dirty hippies in that regard at this place - more in summer though ;0 ALTHO THE KIDS DON'T MIND WHat season it is -- ops, sorry about caps lock.


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