Monday, November 23, 2009

Retro viewing....

Sebastian is currently on a VHS bender. Yes, they do still exist.

Sadly, the Henry's Amazing Animals videos he dearly loves are ONLY available in VHS...yeah, so what's THAT all about?!?! But he's also excavated some ancient Blue's Clues tapes (from the Steve era!!), which I believe were around when my soon-to-be 14 year old niece was a tot. 

And whoever said children's television isn't educational has evidently not seen the Blue's Clues episode where they learn the planets...I can now recite (actually sing in a jaunty little tune) the planets in order from closest to the sun...which, I might add, I couldn't do before watching this program. And so can the kids. So there.

So YAY for retro video tapes....but not so YAY for all that rewinding....


  1. Ahh, good ol' VHS. We still have ours. Our cat loves to insert her paw into the machine as it's re-winding, (she thinks there's a mouse in there), much to the delight of The Moon.

    And I notice the DK vids you have there. I don't know what we'd do without DK materials. And Usborne. Makes our homeschooling loads easier.

  2. I was thinking about VHS the other day. I still have Fern Gully on VHS. I LOVED that movie.

    Also- I was saddened to hear that Blues Clues isn't on tV anymore- it should be. One of my fav shows for kids :)

  3. Z (with that winning smile) was given a box of video tapes at a yard sale we happened upon last week. Unfortunately no Blues Clues...but he is fascinated more with the way the tapes work. I'm going to keep my eyes open for others as most people seem to be throwing these out.

    And Nettles, that is hilarious about the cat!


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