Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catching up - October 15

Long absence...yes.....moving on. Lots of catching up photos - still way behind on our holiday pics which, sadly, seems like a lifetime ago. Perhaps I'll just throw one in from time to time to jazz up the everyday stuff. Now that I've got our internet thingy sorted out - a dire case of the router being too close to the cordless phone...hence the sluggish uploads and my subsequent lack of patience...hopefully I shall be more diligent. No promises though.

Pumpkin of my few forays into the kitchen arts these days always seems to involve pumpkin. Not sure why, but there you have it. I had a spare shell so I tried to relive my own childhood and toss in a jam tart.  It bubbled a lot, overflowed, gummed up my cookie sheet but the kitchen smelled lovely.  Sadly, the taste was nothing like I remembered.

Not sadly, no-one else in the family likes pumpkin-anything (with the exception of my pumpkin soup - B, and my pumpkin pancakes - Sebastian) so I got to eat them all myself.

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  1. We just don't do pumpkin cooking over here - no pies or pumpkin bread or anything else, except maybe some soup. So many things we ear about all the time via the TV and I ave never tasted them... grits, corn bread, gumbo, pumpkin pie...


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