Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Software meets Poolwear....

So......you show a girl where to find free photo-editing software (Thanks Cam!!) and turn her loose. They were pretty cool SOTC (they're my kids, how could they not be fab?) but it's heap loads of fun 'doctoring' them.

These are some lovelies from one of our afternoons at the pool - we're greedily grabbing every summery sort of day seeing as how we haven't had too many and it's already August!!

I had some tips from photo-guru Beth but in order to 'shoot up' I would hav
e had to lie down on wet concrete....it seems I am not so dedicated to the photographic arts as she is.....

Ten gold stars to whoever spots the 'wardrobe malfunction'....twenty if you swear never to point it out to her when she's fifteen...*grin*


  1. I think I am going blind... i can't see it... Lovely happy pictures. We are having much rain as well...

  2. Well then I won't point it out to you...*grin*...perhaps I only noticed because I was working with the pics up-close....;)

    The air is about three feet thick with humidity just now...a big ol' rainstorm is pending....

  3. I mean, seriously, I'm addicted...send me to therapy.

    I love processing the pictures now!

    Great captures, Mel!!

    (sorry it's taken me so long to see this, will be so happy for things to quiet down here just a bit)

    haha! my word verification is "doutis", as in 'I doutis that will happen!'


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