Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friendship Festival 2009

At long, I abandoned the desktop and moved to the laptop -- coincidence?Not sure...I won't hold it against the Olde Dinosaur though...

So: Fort Erie Friendship Festival...July 4th weekend....

This yearly trip is in grave danger of looking exactly the same every year -- only the kids are getting there aren't as many pics because they were getting rather boring...

Above, Sebastian - caged -- as he waits in line for some climby-thingy. The good part about this year is that they offered a stamp-your-hand option which meant all-you-can-ride rather than having to buy the tickets...which was awful because then we had to ration them out. Also good about this year..the kids were able to go on a lot more by themselves. The only rides they didn't do were the ones where they didn't meet the height requirement...which wasn't many.

My darlings strapping themselves into the Buckets of Spinning Death...aka the Ferris Wheel. I spent most of the afternoon either grinning or petrified for the safety of my offspring. It seems all of my courage has leached into them...they are fearless and I'm a scaredy-pants.

Back to Grandma's for a barbecue and a campfire. Traditional roasting - but not eating - of marshmallows....they're also fearless around the fire..cavorting around it like good little pagan-children while mother and grandmother dove in repeatedly to snatch them away from certain charring.....well, it looked like that anyway....:)

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