Monday, June 29, 2009

Library Monday - the reading club and retro discards....

We used to go the library on Friday's with Aunty S and Cousin M, but the nasty winter weather and then them moving sort of jolted us from our little routine. That and a certain irrational fear of mine -- well, not really irrational because if you were to look at the bulletin board in the library's staff lounge you'd very likely see my picture surrounded by gold stars attached to the Late Fee Fund-Raising *thermometer* that has them breaking ground on the Leavey Wing by next spring. Anyway, I was avoiding those hallowed halls, convinced I had an immense fine to pay on both mine and Savannah's cards and me without the cash just lying around, not to mention the shame and stigma attached to overdue books. Also, add to that, the fact that I seemed to be locked out of the online catalogue, a further suggestion that I was in great peril of owing a third-born child to the public library system.

Anyhoo....I managed to get into my account this morning - having already promised a trip to the kids - and wanted to know the total, in order to steel myself and possibly look around the house for things to flog - to delightedly discover that I only owed $2.40 on my card and 70 cents on Savannah's. Such JOY!!

So off we went...proclaiming, with happy hearts, Monday to be our new Library Day.

Feeling quite flush - and in the spirit of me continually giving money to the library in one form or another - I ransacked the *discard* shelf and unearthed these retro darlings...we are ALL OVER the VHS in this house.....having many cast-offs from older cousins. If only we'd known sooner we could have probably got our hands on Sebastian's favourite Henry's Amazing Animal videos which he was disappointed to find had vacated the shelves....seems they're turfing their VHS collection. And at 50 cents a-piece, we were all too happy to take them off their hands...

And here's our reading pile for the week......Savannah has signed up for the summer reading club - ie. carrot-dangling tactic to coerce children into reading books over the summer when they don't technically have to....:)

Fortunately we are year-round readers-without-obligation and the promise of trinkets after every five books is just the icing on our book-lovin' sundae.....although it will pain me to follow the "rules" and be sure to read one book from the suggested category in each five-book block. For instance, this block we have to read at least one know, like kids can't just read what they want to read.....*sigh* Their hearts are in the right place...bless 'em...And with Savannah on her learning-to-read bender, one hates to cast dispersions on the system....*grin*

And it's thundery and rainy now so it's a perfect afternoon for a snuggle and good book...

Happy Monday, everyone!!


  1. You can never have to many books and seeing as she has chosen to take part and already has the book bug....

  2. I love a trip to the library!

    And, I had to laugh out loud when I read about your fears of owing late charges, I always feel this little surge of panic as I hand over my card and wonder if I did drop those books off by the correct date last time around?

    This tiny town's tiny library hurts my heart, but we had purchased so many books at a great book sale before we moved, so we should be good until we get moved to a larger town and a larger library befitting of some book slaves such as ourselves!

    Much love, Mel!

  3. Sounds like a fun way to spend a rainy day. Lucky kids to have a mom to share their interests and go to the library with.

  4. {yes...your evil lady bugs are the same as our asian lady beetles and they can bite, but it's not what they want to do...ick no matter what !}

    and kids who have the book that's a good bug to have !


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