Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puzzly sort of day...

Today led us to jigsaw puzzles. It was that sort of a day...a bit gloomy, a lot cold and we have five tons of jigsaw puzzles.

This one, Savannah received for Christmas last year.....a sparkly, fairy affair...

Sebastian opted to work in the Bat Cave....a Thomas the Tank Engine favourite. These 15-piecers he can manage on his own but I assisted with several of his bigger ones after he'd completed that particular collection. When I say 'assisted', I mean that he watched and cheered me on while I did the puzzle. Needless to say, my jigsaw skills have been sharpened since my kids discovered this particular brand of Joy....and I must confess...I do love a puzzle..

Mission complete! A very pensive look...capturing the mix of joy and sadness we all experience upon the completion of a puzzle. Joy that we completed it and can see it for all its wonder...sadness to think the task is over....I think you know what I mean?

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