Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008...

Some of how we spent the last day of 2008....

Sebastian: Lying in the snow....making body prints, talking to the sky..

Savannah: Tending to the stump of a treasured tree that was taken down after our last windstorm. Savannah was deeply affected by this and has chosen to honour the spirit of the tree by visiting often and taking care of the stump.

All of us (including Snowbell): Playing with Lego!! And not a pre-fab 'set'..just generic bricks with which to build things according to *our* imaginations...

Have a blessed New Year everyone!


  1. feeling nostaligic for my childhood toys....

  2. no nostalgia because I don't miss it! but does feel a bit weird to be in my bathing suit watching that snow play

  3. ha!! I tried to upload a video of a snow-fight (just for you Jude!) but it wouldn't work for some reason...:(

  4. Oh my I'll just have to live without it I guess!


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