Thursday, September 4, 2008

Operation Candle Blow-out...

Here you see a rather grainy, blurry 'surveillance'-type photo snapped by a cell-phone of Sebastian and his Auntie Ashleigh blowing out a birthday candle. Due to an intense dislike of fusses and out-of-tune singing, Sebastian does not care for the more elaborate candle blowing-out ceremonies that most people only his sister and his cousins were permitted to be present..with special appearances by Nanna - keeper of the flame, and Auntie Ashleigh, whose birthday followed after his.

And so the rest of us enjoyed the moment, by proxy, and Trusted in his heart and that he should enJoy his birthday, as he sees fit.

..and besides, we have the photographic evidence that he was enJoying it very much!

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