Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heart's *Desire*...

Once upon a time a very special friend had a stuffed frog. One day she brought that stuffed frog out to play. For some reason that we may never know, a certain very special boy became quite enamoured of that frog (and this is unusual because this boy isn't typically attracted to stuffies) and always enjoyed a long turn whenever it came out to play. It was sometimes hard, but he always gave back the frog with a smile and a wish of 'see you later'.

Then it came to be that it was that special boy's birthday. There was a little party (not too much of a party because he isn't fond of parties) and a few presents (but not too many presents because he isn't fond of fusses). Among those presents was the most wonderful one of all. That very special friend had gone deep into her heart and spent some time thinking about that frog and that boy and realized that she would be very happy to say a final goodbye to her froggy friend and so she wrapped it up carefully and brought it to the party.

And now that very special boy has a very special frog....his name is Ribbit and brings great Joy.

..thank you, dearest Madi.

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