Wednesday, August 31, 2011

garden wisdom

we were set upon in great numbers by Japanese beetles this summer....the shiny bastards ate their way through my Virginia my extreme distress and dismay.

it seems the little shites can't really be dealt with in any sort of pleasant and earth-loving way so apart from occasional crushing sprees {yes, the earth-love went right out the window} i couldn't do much about their mission of annihilation.

then because i couldn't bear to look at the skeletal remains of the leaves, i asked my Grandad {he's the master gardener} if it would be okay just to trim the vine back and  hope it'd rebound next year. {wherein i shall have beetle traps in place}.

so i trimmed the poor vine back to baldness.

and then whaddya know....

just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.


not that it'd be at all noticeable, but i'm taking a bit of a digital sabbatical for the month of September...time to spend some time unplugged...big shifts afoot requiring a greater measure of Presence...

i will be back, though...of that, i'm certain.


  1. I love my creeper. :)
    I guess there was a whole neighborhood here, a town, that sprayed for the J beetle.
    Something about "not gardening" for years... I don't know what in high heaven I would have done.
    Besides had a fit. Several, prob'ly.

    Glad traps are an option!!! :)
    See you soon. Presence is a very, very fine thing!

  2. I will miss you lots :-(
    have a lovely month.

  3. So glad there are fresh buds coming to replace the old you are trimming away *hug*

  4. I've been just looking at the plants, that did fine until we came along and wondering if I should even interfere. Would it be a very bad thing if I cleared away a small corner, just for me?

    I also feel rather bad because my favourite trees are the non-natives (bad, bad eco-warrior.)

    Take your time and enjoy the unplugged, we'll still be here xx

  5. Don't you just love that! That life essence just when you think you pruned it all away (I did this too).
    Anyhoo, sooo good to see you are still here, and your kids are looking fine, am looking forward to summer down here to do the same thing in terms of being at the beach mostly.


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