Monday, March 21, 2011

we're still here...

doing what we do best. which is to say....everything. ;)

finding grace in ancient trees...

and, of course, the joy...

it's been rainy days and robin-spotting; decluttering and sparklification; library trips and first-picnics; family, friends and sweet, blessed silence.

and gratitude for this life.



Spring blessings to you and yours...


  1. What a glorious, beautiful post.

    I am envious of that tree. And my gorgeous friend's hair, there!

    I like the peace in this post. Feels good. Feels real good.

    Love love love to you all. I miss you!

  2. ah so much joy and loveliness! And Savannah's hair looks amazing, she is one cool chick!

    Spring Blessings to you to!

  3. i love that huge beautiful tree!

  4. and to you too, Stephanie!!

    it IS good, Rabs...very good.

    i know, Rose, isn't her hair FAB? i'm totally envious myself...

    it's a 326 year old white oak tree...which could likely live another 300 years. how's that for perspective?

    thanks all...xo

  5. So good to see you Mel, Lots of Spring Blessings to you and your lovely children! That tree is magnificent, how fantastic to live near a tree like that, lucky you! Wont it be great when its wearing its spring plummage, the green of spring is a green I can never tire of. Hope to see more from you soon, Liz

  6. Hi Mel- Nice to meet you- I just flipped around some of your blogs- really happy to find you-
    I too love that tree and I have only met it in your photo-

  7. Happy Spring to you and your lovelies :)

    I love that tree. I must find and hug that tree one day, Mel. And, you must come down here and see the trees on our nearby island...equally huggable :)

  8. It sounds like you're doing well these days, friend. I think about you and your fabulous writing now and then. So I thought I'd stop by :).


  9. Isn't life glorious when you're at home with your preciouses to enjoy the beauties that abound (and the hard days to make all the rest something to cherish even more) ~ it is especially lovely in spring. Here it is autumn, so is lovely in that different way. Happy days to you guys.

  10. Wow. That tree is amazing, epic - simply perfect for climbing, sleeping under. I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but I really miss trees like that. Seems that our tiny island has only evergreens. Lovely post. Makes me want to go on a walk with my girls.

  11. I would like to pass The Versatile Blogger Award to you! I enjoy your perspective and your writing, which is like my own in some ways and stretches me in others. You can learn more about the award at Thank you for this great blog!


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