Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sebastian was awake at 4am.  the new moon is just around the corner...i have no other explanation, really. B had insomnia and slept less than four hours. i got up at 5 am, after having dozed while listening to the boy singing along with a DVD.

i had an 11 am appointment at the bank -- discussions of consolidation, an effort to simplify debt.  evidently you're not to be helped if you don't own a home.  which is fine.  we'll carry on as we were...i refuse to believe the cornerstone of success lies in brick and mortar. it's in the banks' best interest, after all, to keep you owing.

and so, when the menfolk lay themselves down for an afternoon nap and Savannah was outside playing,  i went down to the art cave and i painted.

painted away the doubt...which wasn't hard...the doubt clings less these days. it's rather more a half-hearted attempt to bring us back under the umbrella of the Busy World. i have absolute faith that things will turn out just fine.

it isn't finished yet. i still have to do something with the hands. this week we're painting a memory....siphoning emotion onto the paper. and it reminded me that true success in life, as in painting, requires us to be fearless.


  1. ah Mel, there is magic in this.... The horse is looking at you in such a fun way. I bet that was a great ride.... Life is like riding a horse though isn't it... sometimes it does as it is told, other sit bucks and rears and gives you a real rough ride. Just hold on! *hug*

  2. ((((hugs)))) thanks dear one....you're absolutely right of course...

    ....i'll just do what i always did...ride the bugger right down to the ground and right back up again...;)

  3. Always remember - things work out the way they ought to - even if we can't understand how they ought to in advance or during the process!
    hugs from tinian

  4. Jude!! ((hugs)) -- how brilliant to see you here...i hope you're well -- you're very right...i do have faith in the *rightness* of things -- as aggravating as it can be in the middle!! xo

  5. i'm thrilled for you--using your creativity in the art cave! (i LOVE that!)

    so that's what's up? the moon...why do i so easily forget?! the other night was crazy for me. i slept like a baby--was awakened every 2 hours or so. ugh!

    you're right, things will work out. keep leaning into that feeling/knowlege!


  6. Mel, we need to 'catch up' - you'll be surprized at how things are working out for me !!!


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