Saturday, October 30, 2010


so Samhain/Halloween is upon us....seems the year has flown by once again. where does it go?

and while it's mostly about the costumes and candy for the kids, for me it's time to reflect...on the year past and the year ahead; on things to hold onto and things to let go.  lots of thoughts on this....but they are for another place. so we'll do the trick-or-treat thing and then we'll read the story of Grandfather Deer and leave an apple at the bedside, in the hopes that He'll visit us in our dreams....

our seasonal display -- mostly random treasures (plus my acorn fetish)

quite a few changes around our little patch this last year....B losing his job, us deciding to throw our lot in with dreams and a life lived less for The Man and more for the things we believe in.  (a wonderful post over here about that).

but it's a life off the beaten path....and it can be lonely. like unschooling for grown-ups.

always a cool new leaf to be added

so this turn of the Wheel sees me letting go of old hurts and worn-out's an ongoing process because forgetting doesn't come easily for me....

reflections in the early light

and as the ghosts of the old year pass through the thinning veil, into our lives i will invite - self-compassion and creativity; generosity of spirit and Presence of mind...

that the coming year shall fill our lives and those of our family and friends with love and laughter, warmth and sustenance; joy and light....and if some good books and new paints should be on offer, we'd happily invite those as well. ;)

wishing you and yours a blessed Samhain....

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  1. *hug* so much in here that speaks to me. Kinda of interesting timing on the unjobbing.... Lovely photos as always! I hope Grandfather Deer does visit you all tonight and I might even leave an apple out as well....


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