Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school....NOT!

aaahhhhh.....empty parks!

we spent a leisurely morning...(french toast and smoothies for breakfast)...Savannah decided what she wants to learn next (telling time) and then we headed out to do some errands.  which of course ended with a side-trip to the park....

although we don't really plan exactly what we do each day...we are finding our way back to a certain routine and rhythm.  the lazy chaos of summer (and the heat-induced sloth) doesn't really suit us and it generally devolves into madness.

it was a warm and humid day again today -- nothing compared to summer -- but it meant lots of outdoor time.  just how we like it.

i'm feeling very blessed for the life we lead....not always the easiest or most popular path...but so very worth it.



    Haven't been here for months but so pleased to come by and see this first up!

    Am soooo knowing what you mean! We love it! Empty parks, empty skate parks, empty swimming pools - not to sound morbid from lack of people, but really, isn't it wonderful having these things to ourselves, and the freedom to play play play!!

    I very much agree, it's not the easiest path BUT it's certainly worth it.

  2. I love not back to school days! I know what you mean about getting back into the rhythm after the summer days - I find i need to establish some sort of routines as the days grow cooler. Looking forward to watching you on this path, from a lot further behind :) xx


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