Tuesday, August 24, 2010

retro fun

cooler temperatures = way more outdoor fun....

a visit to the park with friends...friends who will soon be leaving us to return to Pakistan...each moment holds more weight now..the fun just slightly more fierce. still, how nice to be able to run and jump and climb without collapsing from heat-stroke.

it took multiple attempts and a whole lot of laughing to try and capture them all running together...alas, the delay on the camera and the difference in speediness made it quite impossible...

traditionally done on ice-skates...this grassy version of the game was just as hilarious....it's all about the 'whipping' after all...

and of course a photo session isn't complete without the goofy face poses...

and yes - i'm very much addicted to this fake polaroid business....:)


  1. i'm really loving these faux polaroids!!
    reminds me of the pictures of my childhood.

    so enjoying this cooler weather!!
    come on AUTUMN!!! :D
    (that's my season!)

  2. That looks like such a happy day. Bittersweet fun xx

  3. Ah, fantastic - these photos are truly great. Nothing I like more than pictures of kids having fun. And they work so well as polaroids. Oh, my, polaroin is so much fun! Glad you're enjoying it, hun.

  4. it really was fantastic and YES, Sam, they do work well as Polaroins, don't they? I am absolutely addicted to them....lol

    Oh yes, Leslie...autumn is my season too!!


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