Saturday, May 22, 2010

through the key-hole #2 ~ corner bookshelf view ~

Once again, inspired by the lovely Mon over at Holistic Mama...the second in a series of glimpses into *real* houses...*real* people....what I love very much about this little meme, is that the aim is authenticity and not something posed or contrived.  Which goes a long way in this den of chronic catastrophe....

It wasn't easy choosing which corner to photograph. We have numerous bookshelves scattered around the house, and more than a few baskets stuffed full in impromptu reading areas. I chose this one simply because it was closest to where I keep the camera.  :)

Our shelves hold more than this case, a candle, a pen/pencil holder, a bag of postcards and the aftercare instructions from True Grit Tattoos and Piercing. Underneath that, I think are some notecards that Ducks Unlimited sent me in the ill-advised attempt to gain my financial support.

Once upon a time I had my books organized in a vague system of authors and genres.  That was two shelf-movings ago and before Sebastian became fond of taking them all off and putting them back on again.


  1. great corner, lots of 'life' going on. straaaaaaining to see titles.... lol, i'm so nosy!

  2. Lots of titles I haven't read, but I see some classics in there!

    I organize my books all nicely and then somehow books and papers get thrown on top, and sometimes other things, too.

  3. I see a couple of books I recognize, but I'm straining to see a lot of them too! Love the messy look though! I used to alphabetize and even categorize back in the day. Now, I just throw random books in the same bookcase together, and it seems to work well because I still always know where to go to find a certain book!


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