Saturday, May 15, 2010

through the key-hole #1 ~ sink view ~

Inspired by the lovely Mon over at Holistic Mama....this is the first in the 'through the key-hole' series. 

Not a terribly inspiring view in and of fave sink-view was my old house in Guelph where I could wash dishes and look out into the garden. Any future, permanent-type homestead will be judged very seriously on it's sink view, I can assure you.  Nonetheless, this one is made interesting by how it represents *us*....drying paintbrushes, a plastic scorpion, tea-balls and reusable bags; and, taking the hideous off the speckled backsplash, on the wall to meditate upon is a verse, a mantra for life and a beloved picture taken from my Nanna's house in England after she passed. 

Memories, philosophies for life and a love of art woven into the fabric of daily life.....magic in the mundane. Kind of inspiring after all.


  1. No window to look out? I have had a few sinks like that. I much prefer a window! But so interesting what you have there...if it were me I'd just have stuck a simple picture there.

  2. oh i love what you have there! except we have real scorpions, so i'll skip on the plastic one! lol. and we so need a caddy like that to hold bits-n-bobs. but what does the verse say!? i'm more curious now.... :)


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