Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Days Two and Three - December 2, 3

Wednesdays and Thursdays are tricky days as they're my work days so we are limited to what we can accomplish......Wednesday's task was to dig out our holiday/winter book collection and start reading one each night at bedtime. We also have a  copy of Do You See What I See? Christmas so we're working our way through that one. The seek-and-find books are big favourite of Sebastian's but these ones are a bit more challenging so we do a few pages at at time.  Thursday was 'decorate windows with paper snowflakes' -- which we sort of did. Savannah wanted to save the actual crafting of the snowflakes until her bff M. came over in the afternoon {she and her mom look after the kids when I go to work on Thursday afternoons} so I missed out on any pics.....this is one she'd made earlier....


  1. I love your holiday countdown series....

    I might have to do something like this in the spring and count "up" towards summer.....

    and thanks for the bull information :)

  2. Dearest Mel!

    Clicking on your old link and finding you had jumped ship for awhile almost sent me spiraling over the edge. But, I find you here, so I shall survive. It was a close one, Mel.

    I wrote back to you, something about thanking you for the kind words about the testament to my spirit, or that maybe I have just raged all I can rage, or maybe I am on 'the sauce'. *hiccup* (just kidding)

    I have missed you and wondered how you were over these past couple of months. I will have to reach out to you via email and let you in on some of the less public details of what has been up. It's been wild.

    I feel a need for change, Mel. I go to Journey Wildly and don't feel at home there at all. Don't be surprised if I don't dye the blog black and start playing Rob Zombie in the background whilst flying around your screen on my broom. I'm just not as shiny happy as I once was, I've aged, Mel. Not just the act of turning thirty, but something shifted during this transition. Something deep.

    Ahh well...sorry to hijack your comments. Will write soon. Much love to you, my friend.

  3. such a nice way to countdown to christmas Mel.

    that paper cutout is precious...and full of love.



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