Friday, November 20, 2009

Puddles, puppets and hot cups of tea

November has been a very kind month so far....above-normal to downright balmy temperatures and noticeable lack of rain...or as the case sometimes is...The Other (aka, the S-word - just can't bring myself to say it).

But, into every life, a little rain must fall...and so it did...making for a damp and dreary sort of day. So I  wandered out into our little garden patch to take some pictures of the greenery which has finally decided to give up it's green in favour of something a little more red...


Our outdoor *offering* basket....we decorated it with our painted pumpkins left from Thanksgiving...sadly, it seems that our visitors are not overly fond of the grapes, but *someone* ate the apple...

One of our Gargoyles....cozying up with some leaves...perhaps I should knit them scarves for the winter...

I did manage to convince my fairweather friends that we should get out for a walk with the dogs between rainshowers and we managed to do just that, getting home just in time for another downpour. At which point it was decided that it was a good day to stay inside and make sock one does when it's raining and cold outside.

Savannah has an aversion to wearing any brand of socks other than Happy Feet socks -- being the sensitive soul she is -- thusly, she has a drawer full of failed experiments in acceptable foot coverings..which lend themselves nicely to becoming an entire theatre troupe of sock puppets.

We're working on some Glamour Shots....because every budding thespian needs a Glamour Shot, right? There are murmurings of a holiday puppet theatre performance of Rapunzel...which apparently will require elaborate set decorations and the sub-contracting out of the *extras*.....
In the midst of this creative frenzy, I managed to do a *final* edit on my manuscript, only to discover it is about thirty pages over the maximum to be entered in the contest I had my eye on...*sigh* instead of weeping with frustration, I made tea. Lots of it. Maple tea, to be're thinking "Eww",which is what I thought until I tried's quite delicious....and suitable for wallowing in creative self-pity.


  1. the rain will be coming our way soon!!! :)

    LOVE the sock puppets :) have you heard of sock monkeys??? they are SUPER fun too!

  2. What a great thing to do with all those socks! We made some grass heads (you know, soil in the sock with grass seed that grows and you can cut it and make faces etc) out of our odd socks, they're fun too :).
    Maple tea? Am off to look for that one...
    So great you did the *final* edit on your manuscript. (^_^)

  3. p.s, such pretty changes in colours...

  4. tea really helps doesn't it? Tea has frequently come between me and many a nervous breakdown.

    Those Autumn colours are gorgeous Mel. Makes me long even more for Autumn How bad is that? We haven't even had Summer yet. I have to earn Autumn first.

    And the sock thesp is great! And such a drama-sock, because she clearly thrives on the Glamour Shots ; )

    Oh, and I do love your gargoyle!

  5. Maple tea sounds interesting.... Loving the red foliage - very seasonal!


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