Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The magic of camomille tea and Festival Giftage..

A generous handful of camomille flowers brewed for a spell then chilled....strained and applied to my manky eye (courtesy of stray hair from a mad cat Thursday evening at work)....provided cool relief of the itchy and flushed the dastardly strand from underneath my eyelid....
Savannah and B took in the annual Sound of Music festival this weekend and in addition to much musically, carnivally, eating-poutine-on-the-patio-y Joy - they toured the vendor's marketplace and bought me two ab-fab little goodies from the sale bin....
A groovy wall plaque --

And a super-groovy mirror...

So very me.....so very cool


  1. That is one super groovy mirror, indeed!

    Is it wood?

    I love the colors on it! Very celtic & cool!

  2. Yessss! And another unschooling blog - hooray!
    I have snippets of our unschooled life interspersed throughout mine, but as my youngins are pre-school age, it doesn't seem so serious to have a blog dedicated to our learning yet, for now it's complete self-indulgence on my part. Later it will transform I know...but I do have a blog dedicated to unschooling resources...


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