Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A work in progress...

So I've always wanted a 'water feature' in my garden. My ideal water feature would be a stream running through but...well....one must make do....

My bff C's Beloved is a marvel with stonework - it's what he *does* - so he was given the task of designing me a wee something that would trickle and burble.

He found it, cut it, set up the pump...the rest was up to me.

First, to dig the hole....of which I don't have a picture, but I do, for some bizarre reason, have a shot of the big pile of dirt that came out of it.
Put plastic tub inside aforementioned hole and fill with water...which is immediately murky from all the loose dirt. *sigh*

Then, put lid on tub, put rock on lid and......well.....this isn't even the final version. I had to schlepp that sodding rock about fifty times back and forth, getting the water pressure right, adjusting everything so I could recapture the water etc. etc. It took about five tries...I was not friends with the rock (weighs about a thousand pounds) for a while and my lower back is not friends with me at the moment.....

When I'm friends with the rock again, I'll take its picture.

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